Enter into the world of Change

The following are unsolicited written Testimonials from former and/or current Clients and/or their families. It is my practice NEVER to ask for testimonials from Clients and/or their families. The following have been altered to reflect only Client or Family Member. No other information from the sender will be provided.


"We have appreciated the guidance you have provided Client and us in seeking clarification of issues. Thank you for your dedication to helping people find a better path for themselves in life."


"Thank you for always believing in me. You have given me the confidence to keep going."

ongoing insights

"Thank you for working with (Client) and Us (Family). Client celebrated 18 months of sobriety on (redacted). Client's regular sessions with you provide Client with the ongoing insights, lessons and accountability to further their recovery."

seek help

"I always thought about you and how you helped me. It was the first time I ever decided to seek help for the difficulties I was going through back then. Anyway, I was very confused and scared at the time, but some of the things you said, and simply your presence have stuck with me through the years. Thank you."
My philosophy is that life is always presenting us choice even if we don't think there is one. Doors close and other doors open, not necessarily a door we want to go through. It is that leap of faith to go through the door opened to us that we can hopefully find the peace in life we have been searching for.


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