Frequently Asked Questions

Is Therapy right for me?

People come to therapy for many reasons. Some are looking to change their behaviors, others are looking for personal growth and still others would like to have healthier coping skills. Therapy can provide support in a drama-free, non-judgmental empathic environment. People who come to therapy are looking to take responsibility and change for the better.

Then what do you do?

In our initial consultation and subsequent session (s) we will set a realistic goal that YOU want to achieve in therapy. Therapy is about YOU not about ME! It is my responsibility to work with you to help you achieve your goal. You are in the driver seat. I sit along side of you and act as your GPS helping you get from point A to point B.
For further information and to set your initial consultation session, please contact me at: 305-389-2543.

Will You tell me what to do, how to live or give me advice?

Some Clients have come to Therapy with the understanding that the Therapist is the be-all end-all know-all and will tell them what to do and send them on their way. This is not how I have been educated as a Therapist or conduct my practice with my Clients. As someone once said: "Good Therapists don't give advice."

Do you accept Insurance? How does that work?

Insurance Companies require me to share confidential information with them about you. You will need to sign a Release of Information Form so I may serve up a Diagnosis about your mental state. Some of my Clients are Ok with that, others are not. I recommend you research your Insurance benefits, co-payments and number of sessions allowed and if you are only allowed to see Therapists in their "Network." We can further discuss PRIOR to your first appointment.

My philosophy is that life is always presenting us choice even if we don't think there is one. Doors close and other doors open, not necessarily a door we want to go through. It is that leap of faith to go through the door opened to us that we can hopefully find the peace in life we have been searching for.


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